HighNoon Co.

HIGHNOON is a professional company based in Switzerland. It aims to offer performances and cultural events with an emphasis on independent authors, creativity, poetry, and all forms of written work pertaining to human beings and their relationship(s) to the universe.

HIGHNOON is Gary Cooper throwing his sheriff’s star into the dust of a disgraced road. It is a call to resist the dumbing down of humans, searching instead for beauty and truth.

HIGHNOON thrives on the connections and collaborations between artists from all backgrounds and cultures. Because art isn’t limited by borders, opening up a safe space for investigation by putting aside geographic and ideological fragmentations.

HIGHNOON, on the hour, the moment of truth. We like to observe situations and beings as they are, with their greatness and their weakness, and making that our playground. To encourage thought and emotion.

HIGHNOON is also the body’s poetry and the delight of collaborating with movement performers.

HIGHNOON loves to unleash humor.